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Precision Insurance™ Solutions

precision healthcare program

The Health Sciences Universe™ product is an integrated set of cloud-based applications for designing and building solutions in value-based care and insurance that utilize telecommunications, transaction processing, computer-aided design and engineering tools written entirely in Oracle 12c for national or internatinal deployment.

Thie Health Sciences Universe Internet "platform" and its real-time applications are used to design innovative healthcare programs and to deliver precise healthcare and disability solutions to high risk families and those that may become higher risk.  

These products and tools support the design, development and operation of healthcare, insurance, clinical and financial applications solutions in:

  • Group Health, Disability, Worker's Compensation
  • Integrated Behavioral and Physical Healthcare
  • Mobile Health & Integrated Care
  • Wellness & Disease Management
  • Healthcare Research & Econometrics
  • Centers of Excellence Design & Development
  • Patient- and Family-Centered Care
  • Medical device and pharmaceutical post-market surveillance
  • Insurance and Reinsurance and other unique forms of financial engineering and protection

Whether you are a provider of care, insurer, claims administrator, government organization or self-insured corporation, you need to develop healthcare and disability programs to defer the onset of chronic illness, reduce hospitalization and readmissions or manage chronic illness.  The Health Sciences Universe enterprise software product helps you and your partners capture critical data from providers, payers, devices, patients and their families to measure the results of your success;


Health Sciences Solutions
  • Integrated Risk Management
  • Support all lines of business
  • Create Value-based care programs
  • Predict and analyze risks
Provider Solutions
  • Integrate the patient and family with your unique community care services
  • Know your population risks and manage financial exposure with risk adjustment
  • Build accountable care organizations with a common clinical foundation


Insurance Payer Solutions
  • Integrate insurance and clinical information on members
  • Build wellness and disease management products for employers
  • Provide clinical rule processing for encounters and claims processing
  • Build solutions for admission and re-admission prevention


Self-Insured Payer Solutions
  • Create high-risk disease management programs
  • Design and operate internal clinics using the clinical applications and integrated care management solutions
  • Build occupational and health and safety programs
  • Build global solutions for care management and safety
Systems Integrator's Solutions
  • Rapidly develop complex healthcare, disability, clinical and internet applications from a single set of core applications and databases
  • Single operating system platform for applications development in Oracle
  • Fully integrated code libraries and applications with a common set of databases all sharing full integration
  • Build integrated Medicare & Medicaid programs
  • A uniform architecture for supporting home healthcare and mobile healthcare
  • Prevent drug interactions and failed compliance using the internal rules engines and enterprise clinical language™ (ECL)