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An global technology platform for large-scale, real-time healthcare solutions

The Health Sciences Universe product is designed, written in, stored in and documented in Oracle for speed-to-market, reliability, scalability and cost control of R&D.

The product is completely written in Oracle PL/SQL and Application Express (Apex 5) and operates on 64-bit Oracle Oracle 12c for the Cloud and can operate on small servers or the Exadata, the most powerful transaction processing platform available.

The product itself, its design, code, user data and audit, control and operating data are all contained inside the Oracle databases allowing an unprecedented integration of computer-aided design, development and operation to occur for each client. 

The Perseid Cloud platform underlyng the healthcare applications supports databases, rule engines and solutions for large-scale healthcare applications in real-time—from customized EMR/CDR applications to supporting the Internet of Things in healthcare and insurance.

All applications support real-time use by patients, caregivers, providers, institutions and medical devices. User interfaces and applications can be deployed into devices, mobile smartphones, laptops and desktop computers with no code required other than an OS and/or a browser.

Global Technology Platform

The product, being fully designed and developed in Oracle, is capable of being ported to and run on almost any computer hardware that will meet the scale of your needs. The product is designed to be operated on a multi-CPU Oracle system and is delivered in a design and development version running under EMC VMWARE virtual machine for complete portability, ease of use and maintenance.  

The product can scale from small servers for clinics and plants to mainframes and Oracle EXADATA using the same virtual machine software and product.

The product's implements an unified set of functions that are implemented through a data architecture based on an integrared logical set of databases through a systems architecture that can be summarized as follows:

• Cloud computing architecture with single-sign on for all applications
• No downloads, user requires computer with browser
• Completely portable applications from office servers to mainframes
• Support for the IoT (medical devices, systems, patients and facilities)
• Security, access and control and compliance code designed by PwC
• Single-sign on for all applications, extendable for client
• All applications share same code library and all functions
• Integrates care management, research, CDR, prediction and reporting
• Has military-grade security and audit functions if required
• One Oracle repository of databases partitionable into RAC or one instance
• Base of 1,000 reports and forms, ten applications, 20,000 objects
• All code is written in Oracle ─ Latest 11G R2 release Apex 4
• Product is delivered in one EMC VMWARE virtual machine
• 32-bit and 64-bit Linux and Windows Server 2008 versions
• Globalization for international deployment and security laws
• Globalized for international operation using SaaS



Health Sciences Solutions
  • value-based care programs
  • discharge to home programs
  • integrated care programs
  • behavioral health
  • risk management integration
Provider Solutions
  • integrate claims data and patient medical record
  • PHR/CDR foundation
  • Secure Internet applications for patients
  • Scale through Oracle 11G and 12C
  • integrate device data into patient CDR
  • order entry
  • custom clinical vocabulary
  • custom clinical programs
  • Enterprise Clinical Language for clinical rule processing
  • build centers of excellence by Dx or Tx


Insurance Payer Solutions
  • integrate claims, encounters
  • PHR/CDR foundation
  • Secure Internet applications for patients
  • Scale through Oracle 11G
  • Fully integrated security, access and control foundation
  • thousands of Oracle pages, modules, forms and reports
  • merge claims, encounters and CDR/PHR for single picture of a member and family
  • build centers of excellence by Dx and Tx



Self-Insured Payer Solutions
  • build internal clinics
  • occupational health and safety foundation
  • healthcare disease & wellness management programs
  • integrate group health, worker's compensation, disability systems
Systems Integrator's Solutions
  • single platform of Oracle database and code
  • one uniform development environment
  • scale to limits of Oracle RAC
  • fully integrated databases
  • ten applications for core development
  • train a development organization once for the future state of care
Government & Military Solutions
  • fully integrate wellness and disease management with claims
  • prevention language and rule processing systems
  • implements security systems for audit and control
  • build centers of excellence