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Integrated Care Matters

Integrated healthcare matters.  It is not just the cost of initial care, the follow-on costs of treatment, lost time and disability lead to a drag on productivity, performance and readiness..

The cost of health care is "blowing the top off the Pentagon's budget" according to a recent CNN report and Secretary Gates of the Department of Defense:

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Mirroring the private sector trend, expenses have skyrocketed within the military's health system. The military spent $19 billion on health care in 2001 -- and $49 billion in 2010. The Department of Defense forecasts a continued rise of 5% to 7% a year.

Military Health 2015

The bottom line: Health care will account for 10% of the Pentagon budget by 2015.

Modernizing military health systems might result in savings of $6 billion, funds that could be used to pay down federal debt, or be reinvested in a Pentagon budget that might be shrinking if reformers get their way.

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CNN Report, December 7, 2010