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Future State of Care

Healthcare and insurance are changing rapidly as new legislation and costs influence the nature of care and the population ages.

Technology can play a prominent role in the future delivery and coordination of care and measuring outcomes to determine value.

Perseid has reviewed the literature and polled a number of major companies and individuals knowledgeable regarding the future state of care.  Here are some of our observations:

• Employers are moving the increases in cost of care to the employees
• Employees are going to engage in their own care management
• The home is going to become a medical facility
• Social networking can be used to motivate members and the family
• Employer clinics will become important components of care
• More hospitalizations can be avoided with technology
• Software is well positioned as a tool to develop clinical, administrative, social and financial triggers, notifications and solutions
• Mobile technology and the Internet will influence the cost and quality of care
• Employer and provider research to know employee health status will become a major component of improving costs and quality


Sources: PricewaterhouseCoopers, ACS, Deloitte, Military Health System