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Integrated Care Matters

Integrated healthcare matters.  It is not just the cost of initial care, the follow-on costs of treatment, lost time and disability lead to a drag on productivity.

Healthcare treatment programs that do not take into account the costs associated with lost productivity can lose a multiple of the original costs of care for an illness or injury.

Integration of care: treatment, recovery, retraining and of course, avoidance of illness and injury can save any company four five times the costs of initial diagnoses and treatment

Reported cases*
Treatment cost
Value of lost productivity
Total economic expense
10.6 million
$48.1 billion
$271.2 billion
$319.3 billion
36.8 million
32.5 billion
279.5 billion
312 billion
Mental disorders
30.3 million
45.8 billion
170.9 billion
216.7 billion
Heart disease
19.1 million
64.7 billion
104.6 billion
169.3 billion
Pulmonary conditions
49.2 million
45.2 billion
93.7 billion
138.9 billion
13.7 million
27.1 billion
104.7 billion
131.8 billion
2.4 million
13.6 billion
22.1 billion
35.7 billion


Source: The Milken Institute's "Unhealthy America: The Economic Burden of Chronic Disease" relied on data from the Medical Expenditure Panel Survey (2003), U.S. Census Bureau, the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System and the National Health Interview Survey.

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