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EMC Greenplum Big Data Announcement
December 7, 2011

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December 7, 2011, Needham and Hopkington, Massachusetts — EMC announces the Greenplum "Big Data" analytics systems, a foundation product within the partnership with Perseid.

EMC Corporation and Perseid Software announced today a partnership to bring to healthcare and insurance, a solution for the "big data" opportunities. EMC and Perseid will collaborate on the development of solutions for large populations of patients/clients/members in healthcare and insurance programs.

Perseid and EMC will emphasize the management of high risk populations, rendering solutions for controlling costs and improving the quality of care for these "at risk" populations using a "Centers of Excellence" approach to direct real-time analytics for administrative, financial and clinical solutions for large at-risk populations.


"We are excited to be working with EMC Greenplum on the launch of the Unified Analytics Platform.  Our goal is to revolutionize the health care industry through the use of leading edge technology and big data analytical tools.  Through our collective innovation, we have designed and developed the "Future State of Care" platform to support real-time, mobile, cloud-based requirements, focused on big data and risk management opportunities, in the health care, insurance, and federal and state government markets — Bernard P. Wess, Jr., President, Perseid Software


Perseid and EMC will offer a cloud-based real-time solution for enterprise-scale solution for systems integrators and large enterprises to deploy for population based management of the "future state of care" in insurance and healthcare.

For more information contact your EMC representative or Perseid Software.

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